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The Magic of Reels: From Real Life to #ReelLife

Hello Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!

I'm absolutely delighted to share the excitement of our recent event, "Reels 101: From Real Life to #ReelLife," a collaboration with Envision Greater Fond du Lac. It was an incredible honor to guide participants into the dynamic realm of short form video.

Envision Greater Fond du Lac Small Business Marketing Series Envision Greater Fond du Lac Small Business Marketing Series

Imagine this – we gathered at the lovely Fox Valley Savings Bank Community Room on Monday, January 8, at 9 am, ready to dive into the fascinating world of short form video & digital storytelling. Attendees enjoyed an exclusive exploration of transforming authentic stories into compelling reels for social media success. The event was an enriching blend of creativity, learning, and inspiration, focusing on engaging content creation and effective digital marketing strategies.

At Stone House Digital, we believe in the power of storytelling, and I had the pleasure of sharing insights into innovative approaches to content creation and strategic social media tactics. It was not just about creating content; it was about crafting narratives that resonate and drive results.

A highlight of the event was the hands-on guidance provided on crafting engaging content that captivates the audience. Attendees experienced firsthand the art and science behind effective digital storytelling, gaining insights that can transform their approach to content creation.

"Reels 101: From Real Life to #ReelLife" wasn't just an event; it was a collaborative exploration of the possibilities that unfold when creativity meets strategy in the digital realm. Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and in-person events right here at Stone House Digital!

All the best,

Andrea Cisar

Founder, Stone House Digital


We had so much fun with this class, we're bringing it back! Register here for the upcoming session!

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